Beautify Your Home or Business with Attractive Landscaping in New Jersey

Add beautiful, attractive landscaping to your home or business that will last for years to come. Don’t just let the first landscaper who quotes you a low price take on the job—call the qualified landscaping experts at PMZ Landscaping!

Acquired Experience

For over 35 years, the owner of PMZ Landscaping, Joe Zaccarino, has been giving businesses and homeowners quality landscaping to create a beautiful, tasteful exterior. With this, Joe has established for himself a reputation for exceptional quality, complete loyalty, and upfront honesty.

Complete Loyalty

When you become a customer of PMZ Landscaping, rest assured that your home or business will receive not only the best quality landscaping, but also the undying loyalty of PMZ Landscaping. Many customers of PMZ Landscaping have been with the company for over 35 years.

Joe ensures his loyalty by emphasizing quality over economy. This means that though he may not be the lowest bidder for a project, he will provide a quality job with the finest landscaping materials and techniques rather than saving dollars on cheaper materials that won’t last. Joe loves throwing in a few landscaping extras to ensure your happiness with the job.

When PMZ Landscaping takes on a project, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. We won’t leave the job until you are completely satisfied. You are encouraged to help supervise the work to ensure quality assurance and meeting of expectations.

At PMZ Landscaping, we’re looking to help our customers establish long-term business relationships with quality work for many years and projects to come.

Gained Trust

With PMZ Landscaping, we want to gain your trust with quality work, upfront pricing, and reputation. When we quote you a price, that’s the price we mean. We also will be around for years to come because we’re a family owned and operated business. We aim to continue the legacy of quality work and customer loyalty with Joe’s sons, Vince & Joseph.

However, don’t just take our word for our quality work. View our gallery page for specific project examples. Also, our clients are our best advertisement because our work speaks for itself. Many of our customers have come to us through return business or referrals.

Exceptional Quality

To ensure quality, we have four hardscaping crews, one commercial cutting crew, and one residential lawn maintenance crew. Each of our employees are hired based on their expertise and each must exhibit the quality work we base our reputation on. Your home or business is safe with PMZ Landscaping.

For beautiful, quality landscaping in New Jersey, call us today at 973-347-7019. You may also email us as well with any questions or concerns you have. Give your business or home a makeover with gorgeous, long-lasting landscaping!


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PMZ Landscaping gets the complete job done from start to finish. Many of our employees are long-term employees who are loyal, responsible workers with many years of experience in the landscaping industry, which ensures you the quality you deserve. Our clients are our best advertisement because our work speaks for itself.